Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Danielle Amster, OTR, Founder

Danielle completed her graduate degree in occupational therapy from Columbia University in 2000. After working for many years with children experiencing sensory difficulties, learning disabilities, difficulty developing friendships, and self regulation issues, she recognized that no one was working with the teenagers and adults who experience the same challenges! This prompted Danielle to found SensoryWellness in 2015, a practice that is dedicated specifically to working with adults and teenagers. Danielle is passionate about helping individuals feel empowered to make changes in their own lives and she strongly believes that people can affect positive change at any age. She enjoys working with her clients to uncover the root causes of their difficulties as well as coordinating with her husband and favorite nutritionist, David.

Danielle is dedicated to staying up-to-date on the latest advances in relevant areas of study, including sensory processing theory, reflex integration, neuroscience, and the biology of trauma, anxiety, and self-regulation. She is known for her gentle cheerleading style and her commitment to “making life easier” for her clients.

Danielle is a dedicated mother above all, and finds her greatest enjoyment spending quality time with her husband and five beautiful children – especially outdoors!

Chavi Brisk, COTA

Chavi started her career as a massage therapist and earned her diploma in Massage and Bodywork in 2011. Having trained in both the UK and the USA, she combines a holistic approach with science-based methods to achieve a total mind-body experience for each client.

Through her work as a massage therapist, Chavi became aware of the number of adults struggling with sensory processing disorder and the lack of understanding and treatment available for adults. This prompted her to return to school and she completed her degree in occupational therapy at Eastwick college where she received the Award of Excellence in AAS.

Chavi is passionate about helping her clients feel understood, find solutions, and the strength within themselves to heal and live a more comfortable life. Her experience includes helping adults and children with sensory processing disorder, developmental delays and self-regulation difficulties, utilizing a trauma-informed approach.

Chavi strives to continuously expand her repertoire of modalities in order to provide up-to-date intervention for the best client outcome. Areas of interest include sensory and reflex integration and trauma recovery.

Gavi Gordon, OTR, MS Ed.

Gavi received his M.S. in education from Johns Hopkins University in 2012. He started off his career as a middle school teacher, where he guided each student in maximizing their abilities. Prompted by the various challenges he witnessed his students experience, especially in areas of sensory processing and self-regulation, Gavi returned to school, and received his Doctorate in Occupational Therapy from Yeshiva University – Katz School of Science in 2023.

Gavi’s passion for assisting people in reaching their potential has shifted from the classroom to the clinic, where he supports his clients in leading their best lives. He believes that client-centered care is of paramount importance to facilitate positive health outcomes and that therapy is a partnership. Gavi has a special interest in combining manual therapy techniques with the mental health aspects of occupational therapy, to bring about the best possible results for his clients. He especially enjoys bringing strategies from his educational background to engage his grade school and high school age clients.

When Gavi is not working, he can be found spending time with his wonderful children, playing and listening to music, or reading a good book.

Chaya Horowitz, OTR

Chaya graduated from Long Island University in 2015, with a Bachelors and Masters degree in Occupational Therapy. Prior to joining Sensory Wellness, Chaya has had diverse OT experiences working in numerous settings such as physical rehabilitation, sensory integration centers, and school based therapy. She has worked with clients of all ages, ranging from infancy to geriatrics.

These various work experiences have helped her create a rich, multifaceted “toolbox” enabling her to skillfully and creatively treat diverse clients and their symptoms and conditions. She has worked with clients presenting with Autism Spectrum Disorder, developmental delays, physical abnormalities and social difficulties, to name but a few. Chaya firmly believes that by working to shape foundational brain networks, we can improve one’s social and emotional well-being, as well as gain skills needed for everyday life. Chaya values the individuality of each client, and creates a “tailored for you” approach to bring about maximum change and development.

Chaya is committed to bringing to her clients the best the therapy world has to offer. She makes expanding her knowledge and expertise a priority by attending post graduate courses and lectures.

Chaya has an easy going, non-judgmental nature which creates a safe and relaxing atmosphere during therapy sessions. Her caring personality together with her sense of humor makes it easy for clients to connect with Chaya.

Chaya looks forward to being part of your journey towards becoming the best version of you!

Tobi Krupka, OTR

Tobi completed her Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from New York Institute of Technology. Following her completion of schooling she received numerous higher education trainings on the topics of Sensory Integration, Reflex Integration, Executive Functioning, Self-Regulation and the Polyvagal Theory. She has worked with individuals of all ages presenting with various social-emotional and processing challenges including both individuals with and without specific diagnoses.

Tobi chose the field of occupational therapy for its holistic approach in helping clients achieve greater fulfillment and meaning in their lives. Tobi is passionate about the way in which a person’s emotional experiences impact their physical bodies, and is committed to helping regulate their nervous system through creating mature and developed movement patterns.

Tobi is constantly learning and is dedicated to seeing real change in her clients. Tobi uses her warm and engaging personality to create a safe space for her clients in which they feel comfortable, allowing the work to have maximum effect.

Leah Makabi, MS Ed., Office Manager

Leah completed her graduate degree with a Master’s in Special Education from the Sara Schenirer Institute in 2015. She used her talents in the field of education for a number of years before transitioning into care management. In this capacity, Leah utilized the skills and experiences that she gained as a special education provider to enable the children and the families under her care to have access to the services that would best provide for their needs and enable them to thrive.

Leah joined the SensoryWellness team in 2023, maintaining the flow of day-to-day operations and serving as a warm and welcoming presence for both clients and staff. Always with a smile on her face, Leah is appreciated by all for her assistance in logistical matters as well as her helpful and cheerful nature.

      Ariella Neuman, OTR

Ariella completed her graduate degree in occupational therapy from Columbia University in 2005, where she received the Award for Excellence in Gerontology. Ariella has extensive experience working with individuals of all ages, specializing in helping those with sensory processing disorders, learning disabilities, social-emotional challenges, and autism spectrum disorders. Her holistic approach allows her to seamlessly combine body-based methodologies with her training and experience helping those with trauma, anxiety, and difficulty with self regulation.

Ariella’s dedication to learning and professional growth adds depth to her clinical expertise. She continuously participates in post graduate trainings and strives to bring new information to her clients on a regular basis.

Ariella has a passion for helping people no matter the age find their strengths from within and move beyond their obstacles. She believes each person has their own unique journey and she feels honored and blessed when she is able to be a part of that journey.

Yehudis Nockenofsky, COTA

Yehudis completed her degree in occupational therapy from Eastwick College in 2021, where she graduated as class representative. Yehudis has experience working with individuals of various ages, specifically helping those with processing disorders, learning disabilities and social-emotional challenges. Her knowledge in reflex integration and rhythmic movements has helped her clients and their parents lead calmer and more productive lives.

Yehudis’s commitment to learning and professional growth adds depth to her clinical interventions. She continuously participates in post graduate trainings to provide new information to her clients on a regular basis.

Yehudis, has a desire to help others no matter the age to improve themselves and give them the tools to have the best quality of life. Her positive energy and empathetic personality allows her to build relationships with her clients and make them feel at ease while on their therapeutic journey.

Lea Price, PT

Lea completed her graduate degree in Physical Therapy from New York Medical College in 2003. She has worked with patients from infancy to adulthood across the spectrum of life. For the past 13 years Lea has specialized in working with children and young adults with autism spectrum disorders, and sensory processing disorders. Additionally, she has experience working with a multitude of diagnoses related to motor and neurodevelopmental delay and dysfunction such as Cerebral Palsy and Down syndrome. She is passionate about treating the whole person in helping them achieve their functional goals.

Lea is a lifelong learner, and is excited to constantly learn new methods and techniques to help her patients optimize success and achieve their potential.

Outside of work, Lea loves to run and spend time with her husband and five children, especially while traveling to national parks and other beautiful destinations.

Yael Syma Zakutinsky, OTR

Yael Syma completed her Masters of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from Touro College in 2015. She has extensive experience working with people in every life stage from small children to teenagers and adults across a variety of settings, including educational settings and private practice clinics. Yael Syma has enjoyed being a part of her clients’ journeys toward improved success in their day-to-day lives, relationships, and functional abilities.

Yael Syma is focused on each client, tailoring a treatment plan that will get to the root of any concern which prompts them to search for an improved quality of life. As someone who enjoys spending time with her family, Yael Syma understands the importance and value of living life to its fullest, and strives to provide that opportunity to every client of hers as well, through a uniquely tailored program.

Yael Syma is committed to continuously learning the latest techniques and interventions in the field, constantly broadening her knowledge base to best accommodate each of her clients to achieve the best results possible. Her greatest satisfaction comes from helping her clients live their daily lives with greater ease and joy.

David Amster, MS, CNS

David is a Certified Nutrition Specialist and holds a graduate degree in Clinical Nutrition from Maryland University of Integrative Health. David uses a holistic and individualized approach that includes assessing both diet and lifestyle factors that contribute to functioning. He specializes in helping those with digestive health challenges including food sensitivities, irritable bowel syndrome, and autoimmune related digestive issues.

David finds great satisfaction helping people heal and strengthen their physiological systems through diet, nutrition, and lifestyle strategies. His unique model of assessment and evaluation also allows for optimal results for those experiencing anxiety, sensory processing difficulties, and trauma.

David is dedicated to staying on top of the latest research in the field and how findings can be applied in a clinical setting. When he isn’t seeing clients he is likely engrossed in a continuing education course or reading the latest research paper.

Outside of work David spends time cooking healthy dinners for the family and enjoys outdoor adventures with his wife and 5 children.